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Hello, I'm Cam, a passionate filmmaker and marketing specialist from Camden, London. With a unique background, including growing up in a care home and having parents in TV and nursing, storytelling has always been in my blood.

From a young age, I loved filmmaking and made my first film at 6 years old. Despite being dyslexic, I embraced it as a superpower, allowing me to think creatively and approach storytelling from a fresh perspective.

Throughout my career, I've worked with brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, Adidas, and JBL, creating authentic and compelling content. My work has been featured on ABC, The Telegraph, BBC, ITV, and more, gaining recognition for my innovative approach.

Unfortunately, the pandemic brought heartache as I lost three friends to suicide. This fueled my drive to raise mental health awareness. I raised £30k for a film on this topic and am currently in production, dedicated to making a difference.

As I continue this journey, I'm still learning and seeking new opportunities to create powerful storytelling experiences. Let's embrace storytelling and connect with audiences in a genuine and impactful way.

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