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As a freelance filmmaker, I specialise in helping brands share meaningful stories through digital content. Growing up with a filmmaker father, I learned how to edit and produce videos from a very young age. After graduating from film school, I began working with some of the world's biggest brands both directly and through marketing agencies.

Over the years, I have found that the power of storytelling comes from authenticity and consistency. That's why I love helping brands capture the simple behind-the-scenes moments that make them great. By documenting the authenticity of a brand, I help them engage with audiences and attract new talent.

Recently, I had the opportunity to develop the personal branding for CEOs, politicians, celebrities, and HNWI, including Stephan Tual, co-founder, and former CCO of Ethereum (currently valued at $370bn). My goal is to connect with people, brands, and agencies to develop social-first strategies and content that shares meaningful stories with the world.

If you're looking to share your brand's story through digital content, I'm here to help. With my expertise and passion for authenticity, I can create content that resonates with your audience and helps your brand stand out. Let's work together to capture the heart of your brand through vlogs.

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