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With over a decade of experience in business and filmmaking, I help brands elevate their digital presence through authentic storytelling.

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Document the Journey, Don’t Just Create It.

With over a decade of experience in business and filmmaking, I offer unparalleled insights to elevate your brand's digital presence.


My expertise is rooted in developing successful strategies for growth, honed through work with prestigious agencies, global brands, entrepreneurs, and startups.

Stop overspending on flashy content that lacks substance. Instead, embrace the art of documenting real moments – from client meetings to team celebrations. This authentic approach brings you closer to your customers, fostering trust and loyalty.

Discover the power of genuine engagement and unlock the potential of the most effective form of marketing: word-of-mouth.

Don't let another cool day in the office pass by without action. Contact me to start transforming your brand's narrative.

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'Sunrise' is a short film about mental health

Tragically, during the pandemic, I lost three friends to suicide, including my ex-partner, Sarah. This is a depiction of the final conversation that I wish I could have had with her.

It's the story of a cold-calling scam artist who attempts to save the life of his suicidal victim.

Currently in post-production, this isn't just a short film but a way for us to open conversations and raise money for frontline mental health services.

We’re seeking sponsors and supporters to help make a meaningful impact.

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Click below to schedule a call and let's talk about your story and how to capture it.


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